Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dirty Steak Knives

Brandon, South Dakota, 9:17 pm:

A wonderful time was had tonight with K8 and Steve the Pilot Guy. Great food (except for the chicken in the taco salad) and some FANTASTIC conversation (discourse as the Pilot would say). It was also a wonderful day to snap a few pictures.

A Hereford with horns!

A muskrat was kind enough to take this for me.


Kate said...

I had so much fun! Thanks for meeting me. And I'm really glad they never brought the dirty steak knife that you asked for. Because I can't think that there was occasion to use it.

Captain Crab said...

Not all bloggers are serial killers!

Stephen Wilson said...

My choice of word rhymed with another one, of which only one was excercised at the lovely party.