Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sometimes, Life is ...............

Ok, if you want to go to protest the new health plan being considered in congress, go right ahead. When it passes all protesters will be denied health coverage. Got it? FUCK YOU!

In other unrelated news:

I went to a little "bar and grill" in SE Iowa tonight. A nice fun place with decent food, pool tables, and baseball on the tele.

Tonight, $5 pitchers of Amber Bock, free pool, and free music. Sounds great, eh?

The beer was excellent. The music was selected by 22 year old women (girls?), and they were playing partner pool. No one in my life that I would choose as a partner.

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pj said...

I am so dismayed by the vehemence of the protesters and the fact that all of the town meetings seemed to be filled with them.

I'm happy the protesters are so rich that can afford insurance from for-profit companies. They will not be bankrupt when a serious condition causes them to spend all their money to get adequate care when their insurance company stops paying.

Bachman & Palin -- your plan is working!!