Friday, October 15, 2010

Comment of the Day

From Think Progress:

InvictusCorruptus 10/13/2010 05:01 PM

Everything we've ever been taught to trust and believe in as children was all part of a grand illusion perpetrated by the powers that be in order to control the peasants from uprising.

We have systematically been beaten into submission, becoming apathetic little sheep, ignoring the massive corruption going on behind the scenes by the rich and the powerful, all at the detriment of our country and society.

The advent of new technology will one day be looked upon as a plague by future civilizations. Dehumanizing, dysfunctional, impersonal, divisive, deceptive, destructive. Human kind with all of it's new gizmos and gadgets, from ipods, to blackberry's to PlayStations, we have become a nation of drones, trolls and zombies. lacking empathy or tolerance for others, while with the popularity of fixed news and am talk radio, we have built our barriers, chosen our sides and battle with one another over issues that are tossed out there by politicians, special interest groups and political pundits, issues meant only to further anger and divide the people of this nation and to breed more hatred for others.

Meanwhile while we are battling amongst one another, the rich and powerful become richer and more powerful. The slightest legislation meant to help the poor and the sick, that in a just society would be a no brainer, becomes an all out war carried via the media.

The game is over, the have mores and have a lot more have won. They have conquered we the peasants, the have nots of the world, who if they are lucky to have a job, work their asses off just to survive these days. Yet we still pick our sides, become more divided, playing right into the hands of those pulling all of the strings. Nothing is going to change in this country until the peasants have an uprising. Hoping that one party or the other party will come to their senses is an exercise of futility.


Kate said...

You and the Good Doctor would love a rousing conversation, I'm sure.

Belle said...

Yes, you are right. The rich think they should pay low taxes and we keep obliging them. Their taxes used to be much higher and it helped the nation. Now they hide their money overseas, use loopholes and have low taxes. Add to that 10 years of war and the country is in ruins and there will soon be no middle class.

Many cities have cut the poice force down so far that a judge told people they need to arm themselves and look out for one another. Roads are being torn up and gravel is laid because the city can't afford to pave. This is what the U.S. has come to with lower and lower taxes for corporations and the rich.