Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Things to Worry About (updated)

It started snowing Sunday and has been snowing off and on since then. 8-10" by my very unscientific measuring technique (don't even think of asking!). The wind is supposed to pick up this afternoon and start blowing it to and froe. Another snow day.

But that doesn't worry me as much as this:

WASHINGTON – There’s a giant green blob in outer space. It’s alive and it’s heading for Earth!

or this:

Three giant alien spaceships are heading for Earth! Scientists predict they will arrive in early 2011.
but worst of all, this:

WASHINGTON, DC - The FCC has declared that nudity will now be allowed on TV – including full frontal nudity!
Read all of these amazing stories here

Update: I am going to contact Steve the Pilot Guy to see if he can fly one of his Cessnas at the Blob and then fend of the Alien spaceships to save us all from a complete and gory death.

I wonder if the Aliens will be mad if they get here and the Blob has already destroyed the Earth?

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