Friday, April 1, 2011

Captian Crab's Diet Plan

I visited my Doctor today for a follow up concerning the slight medical problem I encountered in December. In early January, tests showed my cholesterol slightly elevated. Elevated enough to go on medication. It was recommended that I change my eating habits a bit too.

Since mid January, my weight has dropped from 196 pounds to 181 pounds! I would like to lose about 10-12 pounds more, but that will require exercise, and that sucks!

All of you are reading this saying "Whoa Crab Guy, how did you do it?" Well Kids, it's easier done than said but I'll give it my best shot. This is what I used to do for dinner on the road.

I gave up or severely reduced eating the following:

most meat (no Gwen I will not go full veggie again)
soda (diet* INCLUDED)

I am eating more:

vegetables, both raw and steamed

But, I believe the most important thing that I have done is quit drinking beer during the week. Instead, I now drink a vodka martini before dinner (or supper for some of you) and a glass of red wine with my meal.

On Friday and Saturday I still enjoy a bock or two or three or.........

*diet sodas contain some chemicals in the sweetener which enhance the appetite


Kate said...

Wahooo for health! And vodka martinits? Yuck. Just drink it straight from the bottle.

Captain Crab said...

But Kate, I like the olives and paying for two drops of vermouth and a fancy glass!