Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hey There

Sometimes life throws curve balls at you. Not a wicked slider or a Tim Lincecum fastball, but a wicked curve ball that fools the hell out of you.

I have a friend who always answered the phone by saying "Hey there". Every time I called: "hey there".

Unfortunately we don't get a chance to talk much anymore. I didn't see it coming.

Just like that wicked curve ball.


Anonymous said...

Wicked curve balls are meant to fool you and throw you off balance. But I'm sure that if patient enough, there will be opportunities out there -- better pitches coming. Life does have it's curve balls, but sometimes you get a home run. Hang in there Captain--rough seas are generally followed by calm waters.

Captain Crab said...

Anon: Thanks for the support. I need it!

Idea #527 said...

Boo Curve Balls! *HUGS