Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Corporate Waste

Tonight I ordered a pizza for delivery. Tired, with a lot of work to do. An easy way to eat a bad meal. When it arrived I was given a pizza and a few things to go with it.

10 plates, 13 packages of red pepper flakes, 18 packages of Parmesan cheese and a pile of napkins.

A medium pizza, 8 slices. Why would I need that many plates or packages of cheese and red pepper flakes? Why would any one staying in a motel need that much?

OK, they must have known that I would need that many napkins, but while I appreciate Pizza Hut's generosity, it p.....s me off that they are wasting this much!


Stephen Wilson said...

You didn't throw them away, did you?

Captain Crab said...

No! I didn't throw them away for gosh sakes! That cheese has a shelf like of about 1000 years and the pepper flakes are good for those days I have to skip lunch and the paper plates with little Pizza Hut logos are great when I want to play Frisbee but don't have a Frisbee with me.

H said...

I like that it's a pizza "Mia" but they still seemed to think you needed 10 plates. Plus, PJ will never have to buy red pepper flakes again!

Captain Crab said...

The pizza was really quite good, even without anchovies!