Sunday, October 18, 2009

Desperately Seeking Tahiti (updated)

Update 1 below

Update 2: Something else to keep you thinking (or waste time): Today is "Hurricane Thanksgiving Day" in the US Virgin Islands!

The Dread Pirate Roberts is currently on an urgent search for Tahiti. Someone I know is not sure of the actual location. Wish Captain Roberts the best, as no one the crew is sober or can read a compass.

Update: Well, the Captain and crew are safe and sound. I don't think they are ever going back to the Caribbean, though.

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Gwen said...

Hey, look at that--the Virgin Islands!

Somehow they seem less impressive now that I know they're just next to Puerto Rico and not far out in the Pacific.

I'm pretty sure Tahiti is somewhere between, like, Indonesia and Hawaii. Almost 100% certain.