Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drilling Mud and Utter Stupidity

UPDATE 10: Looking at the flow now, relative to the earlier pictures it does definitely seem to be reduced. So I would suspect that they have reduced the amount they are pumping in to balance against the leaks, while they monitor the pressure in the well and see if there are any problems develop. If there aren't any (and their chance is reducing) then the plan was to inject cement and create a plug. No-one has mentioned how much of that they have available.

Incidentally, I note from some of the comments below that there is an assumption that they measured 25,000 bd of leakage. That wasn't what I said, which was that if it took 22 hours to fill the well at 20 barrels a minute, then one could assume, knowing the volume of the well, that the rest was leakage. It looks as though it took about 7 hours to fill the well, which would mean (at that assumed pumping rate) that about 60% of the fluid injected was going out through the leaks, and this comes out at about 12 barrels/min or 17,000 bd. (5 am)

Expert discussion the Deepwater Top Kill effort from The Oil Drum.

Oh, and as Rachael Maddow explains, we've been here before:

One more thing check out the sugestions, like the following one, at America Speaks Out.

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