Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Get Pregnant and Get Rich

At least she's learned how to cross her legs!

It seems that child mother Bristol Palin has found a way to support the baby that she and Levi (his 15 minutes is up) conceived. And she is going to do it the old fashioned way; by telling other teens not to have sex. At $15,000-$30,000 per speaking engagement. Cool.

Of course she wouldn't have this opportunity if her mother, what's her name, hadn't been thrust into the national spotlight by a desperate John McCain. The rww* will point to Bristol and whn** as success stories of good old American capitalism. They worked hard to make good in difficult times.

*right wing whakos
**what's her name
In other republican sex related news, Rep. Mark Souder, R-Indiana, resigned Tuesday, after acknowledging that he “sinned against God” by engaging in a relationship with a member of his staff.


pj said...

I still think this is Bristol's second child. The first being the one that WHN passed around like a football during her campaign. I think the Dems should have gotten down and dirty on that, even if it wasn't true. But is it? Have we seen paternity test results??

Dems suck at Karl Rove's game and capitalism, too.

pj said...


This really pisses me off.