Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hey, Bob!

Someone at home let Hey Bob outside late Sunday afternoon. It was a very horrifying time for all concerned.

Bob climbed a tree. All the way to the top!

Hey Bob was a bit scared. Whether it had to do with PJ and I telling him to come down or just being in a tree no one really knows for sure.

Hey Bob did get a scolding when he came down, not that it will do any good.

Pictures courtesy of PJ


pj said...

It's not like I let him (her) out and lost him (her). We were both there to monitor the situation. He (she) was safe. All's well.

Now we know how to get a cat out of a tree: Drag a ladder to the tree and by the time the ladder gets there, the cat comes down.

Now it's so friggin' hot the house is all closed up and there will be no more episodes.

Captain Crab said...

I didn't MEAN to imply that YOU were the guilty party, but now.......the world knows.

H said...

Great pictures! I hope Bob learned his (her) lesson.

Kate said...

Hey Bob gets into a lot of mishaps, doesn't she? I like her.