Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everyone has Gone Bloody Nuts!

I used to think that Florida had the most loons.

Then the Alaska crazies moved to the top.

Arizona went flying by after the immigration law was passed.

Iowa's right wing zealots who ousted three supreme court justices and have formed a coalition to fight off the ugly, gay loving liberals was, at the top of the heap. Until this:

Bail was set Wednesday at $1,500 for a town of Vermont man accused of shooting his television after becoming enraged by Bristol Palin’s performance on “Dancing with the Stars,” threatening his wife and sparking a 15-hour standoff with Dane County sheriff’s deputies.

So, Wisconsin, home of Bucky the Badger and way too many taverns to count, takes over the top spot. Until I read the news again. Then who knows?

Here's The story with an update here

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