Monday, January 19, 2009

Crisis in Alaska

As we get ready for the inauguration of a new President, there is a humanitarian crisis in Alaska. In several remote villages there is a shortage of food, heating oil, and other basic necessities.
Before winter hit, people couldn't’t afford to gas up their boats, ATVs or snowmachines, or outfit their subsistence hunting trips, which is why people are going hungry. Their freezers aren't stocked as they typically are, and processed foods in the local stores are sucking up whatever cash families have. With an example of two packages of hot dogs coming to $12, and milk almost $10 a gallon, it’s no wonder.

Bethel, AK grocery store:

Milk - $9.89 a gallon.
A gallon of liquid Tide - $29.79.
16oz bottle of Mug rootbeer - $2.65
Subway foot long $10.89
While we have been complaining about the cost of gas, the winter weather, etc. residents of these communities are wondering how to stay alive.

The whole story is at The Mudflats.

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