Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the Road with Captain Crab

Here I am sitting in the Sheraton. Wonderful! It has a great looking bed, a small davenport (couch to some of you), a 21" TV, and a really nice ice bucket with tongs!

The thing is, this room is no nicer than the Comfort Inns that I was in last week. They have an elevator here so I can get to the third floor without having to walk up, so that's cool, I guess.

The motels I stay at regularly are quite nice, have FREE wireless internet, and are strategically located near restaurants so I don't have to drive.

The Sheraton has a bar. I just went down and had a beer with a friend of mine. $4.55 for a pint of Bud Light (which isn't beer by the way).

The Sheraton has wireless internet. $9.95/day. I am on this sucker as long as my eyes will stay open.

The Sheraton has a restaurant. Expensive. The food is.......

So, why am I here? I don't make the reservations when we attend trade shows!


pj said...

Does the guy that looks like Buddy Hackett work for the outfit putting on the show or is it the outfit with the guy we shall call "horse penis"?

I had to google the show because really, I had no idea where the show was other than the state. I came across the website of the promoter and I must say, their website sucks something... Maybe horse penis?

The Sheraton looks lovely, BTW. Not as lovely as one might be on Pigeon Key, but hey -- you're getting a good rate.

pj said...

A good rate --

Except for your non-free wireless and expensive meals. Make your show partner put everything on his expense account.

Stephen Wilson said...

Thanks for the reminder. I thought the word "davenport" was defunct, except among mariners and Iowans.

Captain Crab said...

From what I understand, from afar, is that Iowans only use the term Davenport when speaking about one of the Quad Cities.

Most mariners a dn I refer to anything by any name anytime and anywhere we please. Because we can.