Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Thoughtful Cat (and other things)

Skittles helping PJ knit. She was very helpful!

Skittles left one of her toys in one of my shoes that I had brought this week. Scared the hell out of me this morning.

My windshield was replaced last summer. Friday, in South Dakota, it suffered a major rock blow. Today I watched the crack progress. What fun.


H said...

I bet Skittles was helping PJ crochet, not knit.

pj said...

Nice surprise in the shoe, cool crack in the windshield. But --

I was CROCHETING, not knitting. Geez.

pj said...

H's comment made it first. Darn. No, I wasn't darning. But I can darn. And knit. I just choose not to do either now.

Captain Crab said...

For God's sake girls, I am a GUY! Do you think I have any idea about the difference between knitting and crocheting!

PJ, could you darn my socks?