Friday, March 20, 2009

Future Mothers of America

A year or so from now these young ladies will be giving birth to their first calves.

Sweet Pea was very interested in what I was doing.


Gwen said...

I have to say, I'm a little distressed that the increased popularity of Angus beef has led to black cows becoming increasingly dominant in herds. I always loved looking across my grandma's pastures and seeing cows of all colors, some spotted, etc. I'm particularly fond of Charolais and also Simmentals mixed with anything, since they come out all pretty and spotted. She still has a pretty diverse herd, mostly various shades of yellow and red from all the Limousin and Simmental, but so many herds are becoming monochromatic.

And all b/c people think "Angus" automatically = "yum," which is silly

Captain Crab said...

The heifers in this group are all at least 5/8 Limousin, some are even 3/4 bloods and higher. There is economic pressure on "continental" breedsers to raise black polled cattle.

Black sells the best at the sale barns, so that is what people raise. PJ and I are very fond of Limousin beef because of the flavor.

Tomorrow, I will take some "colored" cattle pictures.

Gwen said...

Everybody back home has started using Angus and black Saler bulls so the calves are more likely to be black.

It just annoys me that this has all happened b/c of the "Angus beef is best" campaign, which is dumb, b/c in the grocery store and restaurants, "Angus" is a meaningless designation--it has to come from an animal that was 51% black and didn't have a back hump. So, uh, Salers, black Limousins, Angus, and mostly-black Holsteins, or any combination of anything that leads to a mostly-black calf, works.

I once saw a grocery store commercial bragging about their Angus beef...and all the cows in the background were Herefords.

I am irrationally and unreasonably annoyed by this.

Stephen Wilson said...

Captain Crab, maybe you've already seen this, but your last photo reminded me of these interested cattle.

Also reminds me of a hobby farm I had when I knew Gwen's dad better. Would shake a bucket of cattle cubes and those cute faces were interested in me too.