Thursday, December 31, 2009

Driver's License Renewal

Last night, while sitting in my favorite bar, a few of us were having a discussion about driving with a revoked driver's license and the fact that many people just pay the fine, but continue to drive. For some reason, this led us all to pull out our licenses. This is when I realized my license had expired in September. Everyone laughed heartily, except me.

Well, after thirty days you have to take the written and driving test to get your license renewed*. PJ looked up the Iowa DOT website so I could find where to go to take the tests and such.

So, I ended up taking practice written exams, so I wouldn't have to call PJ to come pick me up after I failed. It's really rather interesting.


* I called to make an appointment to do all of this this morning and learned the law has been changed to one year.

I then called a friend who was having a good laugh at my expense.. As I was leaving last night another gentleman came in and explained that the law had been changed.

He decided not to call me so I could sweat a bit.

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