Friday, January 1, 2010

A Good Time Was Had by All

What an exciting New Year's Eve for PJ and I! She wandered off to bed about 9:15 last night, while I watched the tele. As i was getting ready to turn it off, I picked up my cell phone to check out the time. 11:59 pm CST. What was I to do? I could lay it down, turn off the tv and go to sleep or wait for the magical moment that it transported me into a new decade. I decided to wait for that moment. It was kind of like waiting for toast to pop up; I waited and waited and waited, then, in a flash, it said Fri. Jan 1.

That's when I rolled over and went sleep.

Now for a few leftover things from 2009:

A woman in South Dakota was arrested for DUI. That in itself is unremarkable. The fact that her blood alcohol was .708 is, however. She also missed her court appearance and was found in a stolen vehicle. The story from the Star Tribune is here.

Last year I also maintained my status with some hotel/motel chain reward programs as an elite member. I feel a bit like George Clooney in "Up in the Air".

But I do not consider my time at home "miserable" and I did not follow (or lead) any women into hotel rooms!

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Kate said...

I won at Bingo at 9:30 and left the party at 11. Ha!