Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Clothing

You're going out for a drive on a nice blizzardy day. Shall I wear a heavy coat or something that looks good? Hat? No, hat head. Gloves? Don't own any.

Thank God for the highway patrol!

Picture from Des Moines Register and Tribune.


Kate said...

So, does this mean you approve of me not going on a second date with a guy that lives 60 miles south of me who arrived in Sioux Falls with no coat, hat, gloves or blanket in his car while we were under a winter weather advisory?

Because, "Well, the sun is out now, right?"

Um. No. If we ever procreated, you'd kill my children. Go away.

Captain Crab said...

K8, I'm never one to get involved in other people's relationships, because, by God, I have enough troubles with my own.

However, your case is not as cut and dried as you may believe.

Because, 1) the sun was out 2) he lives SOUTH of Sioux Falls, and 3) he didn't arrive by horse and buggy.

Think about that!

Kate said...

I can't think about it, because all I can picture is frozen babies.

So there.

When are you coming to visit me?

Stephen Wilson said...

I only have gloves for my right hand, several of them.

And thank God for cell phones.

Captain Crab said...

SW: Surgery can take care of the left hand only glove problem.

Stephen Wilson said...

Seems the crab like other crabs move slower in the cold. You're starving me of posts this late January.