Thursday, December 30, 2010

Captain Crab's Travel Tip of the Year

Here a few things that you should not do when you are staying in a motel 175 miles from home:

1. Don't leave a message for your wife like this:

"Honey, I may be having a stroke*. 911 has been called".

2. Don't call her from the ambulance (with siren blaring).

3. If you do call her from the ambulance, don't tell her:

"Every thing's fine. No you don't need to drive over. Yet."

"What should you do? Relax and bake a cake."

I hope that you learn from my mistakes.

*I did not have a stroke. It was a "transient ischemic attack".

There is a lot more to this story that will come out in the coming days. Stay tuned.


Belle said...

I'm glad it wasn't a stroke. But I don't blame you for reaching out to someone you love in a bad moment. We all do it.

Kate said...

Oh Captain Crab. I hope you're doing okay. I really do. XO

Captain Crab said...

Dying's the easy way out. You won't catch me dying. They'll have to kill me before I die!

H said...

Relax and bake a cake? Classy!

Glad you're OK!