Saturday, December 29, 2007

Voter Fatique Sets In

Well, with just a few days to go before the Iowa Caucuses, voter fatigue has set in. PJ is registered as a ______ in Iowa and has been an active participant in past caucuses. For this I am very proud of her. But, for the same reason, my Saturday afternoon nap was interrupted four (4) times by phone calls* from various candidates that are courting her. Now that I'm online, they are screwed!

Are any other states willing to step up to the plate for this? Not just the endless television and radio ads, but the constant babble of "so called experts" and having to make sure you don't have to drive through one of the towns where one of the candidates (or their spouse) is appearing. You want this shit? You do it.

But do it the same way Iowans do it. Not just a nice little trip down to the precinct to vote, but retail politics. You receive the phone calls, you answer the door and talk to some punk from who gives a fuck about why you should go to the caucuses and support the candidate who charmed the hell out of this kid and you go to the caucus.

*these aren't actually phone calls, but those bloody automated things. If there was a real person on the other end, at least I could tell them to go..........oh, never mind!

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