Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gay Marriage in Iowa: The Aftermath

Yesterday Iowa had a "coming out" day as the state began issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. Licenses were issued all over the state, in urban counties and rural counties.

These people were happy and smiled and enjoyed themselves.

Other people were not happy, they protested by praying and signing petitions.

None of that matters, because The Captain Crab has his own take on this:

There is no way in hell that the following are just coincidence!

Iowa Gay Marriage: Swine Flu

Iowa Gay Marriage: Air Force One buzzing the Statue of Liberty

Iowa Gay Marriage: Arlen Specter turns Democrat

Iowa Gay Marriage: GM drops Pontiac

Iowa Gay Marriage: Bob Dylan's new album gets a B- rating
and there are gorillas in Iowa:


pj said...

Iowa Gay Marriage: Hell froze over.

So I guess climate change can be blamed on it, too.

H said...

Who gave Bob Dylan's new album a B-? I think it is fantastic!

Kate said...

Hey! I know where that gorilla is! I asked Gay Boyfriend if he and his partner were going to get married now and he said, "I don't think so. He doesn't believe in God. And that's kind of a deal breaker for me." Interesting, no? This is the same man that voted yes for the abortion ban and tried to get me to do it too. Riiiigghht.

Just because you're gay doesn't presuppose liberalism.

Captain Crab said...

K8: I have been "around the block"* enough times in my life to know that assuming someone's views about politics, religion, or whatever is not a good idea.

OK, where is that gorilla?

*an old expression by old guys