Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tea Parties

From the Macon Telegraph:

"During the Ronald Reagan years our debt went from about $85 billion to $255 billion. Not a tea party in sight — as a matter of fact, Reagan is viewed by some as the greatest president of the 20th century.

When Bush 41 took the deficit up to $399 billion during his final year in office, he hailed it as a victory. The year before the deficit hit $432 billion. Still no tea parties.

The Clinton years saw the deficit morph into a $128 billion surplus. No tea parties. No dancing in the streets. No waving of signs and rejoicing that our children’s futures were secure.

That’s a good thing because the first year of George W. Bush’s presidency that surplus turned into a $133 billion deficit. We hadn’t seen nuthin’ yet."

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