Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Loony Wednesday

Update below

Florida is once again proving itself to be the loon center of the universe. The Florida Senate approved new license plates without even looking at them.

But, Michelle Bachmann, is surely trying her best to help Minnesota into 2nd place.

Ms. Bachmann didn't pay attention in history class, because the swine flu outbreak started in February 1976, while Gerald Ford, a republican, was president.


Read this letter to the editor in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


pj said...

How in HELL is that woman still in office? We are going to need more than Jesus on license plates to save us from the likes of her.

In the mean time, let's all have a mad cow over swine flu.

Dale the Truck Driver said...
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Dale the Truck Driver said...

Shelly sure makes me proud to be from Minnesota.

Captain Crab said...

Dale: I liked your 1st comment!