Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not Swine Flu

This post is just for your fun and enjoyment!


pj said...

That is a pretty horse. Not really a buckskin, though.

Gwen said...

I want that horse. Seriously. Steal it and bring it to me, or you're out of the SHFB Fan Club.

Kate said...


Do you know what that means?

Please tell me you do, or I'll be convinced yet again that my family life growing up was warped and twisted.

Idea #527 said...

Love the pics!!

Captain Crab said...

OK, here we go:

PJ: Two different horses. I'll google buckskins tonight so I know what to look for in the future.

Gwen: Which one? I'll probably have to ride it to LV, since I don't have a trailer. Look for me sometime in Novemeber-December.

Kate: I don't know ZIP. Is that the answer?

Idea#527: Thank you!

Did ANYONE listen to Mr. Springsteen? That was one of the 1st songs he palyed when I saw him in Austin, TX in 1973.

Listen to it for me.

Captain Crab said...

From the "American Buckskin Registry Association:

BUCKSKIN: Body coat some shade of tan, from very light (creme) to very dark (bronze). Points (mane, tail, legs and ear frames) are black or dark brown. Dorsal not required.

Is at least one of the two a buckskin?

Gwen said...

I will be sure to buy some hay in the fall so it'll be ready when you arrive.

Both of the horses probably would have been called buckskins by the people where I grew up.

Kate said...

Sigh. I WAS raised under a large and shady rock. Hrmph. You say "Zip!" when you see a white(ish) horse and then punch your brother and sister in the arm.

Captain Crab said...

k8: Being raised on a pirate schooner, I didn't see a horse until I was 24.