Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Complain (happily?), Others Whine

First of all, this winter season has been no fun at all. The weather started out bad and has stayed that way since late November. As a traveller, it has been especially tough for me. PJ and I have both posted about this. Hopefully with a bit of humor.

Some people in this state take it all too seriously. Here is a bit of a letter to the editor that appeared in the Des Moines Register February 28, 2008:

Is this Hell? No, it's Iowa

I've never had as little freedom as I have not after moving back to Iowa from the Southwest. Control of my life has been seized by Iowa's ridiculous weather. In the wintertime, the weather decides how much I walk for exercise and how much weight I gain. It determines how often I attend church or if I attend a fundraiser or sports event. In the heat of summer, humidity and insects determine if I can be outdoors in the evening.

Thanks to PJ for the tip on this. Without her and the H, this blog would suck!


Gwen said...

I hate to tell you this...but it was 72 by 9 a.m. in Vegas today.

Captain Crab said...

Well, at least someone is enjoying the winter weather.